Unregistered Agreement Of Sale

… For the benefit of a detained person, that is, an agreement providing for a partial benefit, a sale agreement, as by Se… for sale. A relevant excerpt from the reference decision reads: “However, given that there is a conflict over the legal situation, the question of whether the complaint is at issue for some … Gurbachan Singh… v. Raghubir Singh…. (see above), this is the case where a sale agreement with surrender of the property is inadmissible as proof if it is not again… Section 49 of the Registration Act is new and for the first time imposes legislative sanctions on the just doctrine of partial delivery. This part of the law is widely accepted in its own right that a legal action for a given benefit may be for sale on the basis of an unregord agreement and may be admissible as evidence. The Section 49 document, which was an unreged document, could be included as evidence of a contract in a lawsuit for a given benefit. Hon`ble Justice Badar Durrez Ahmed and Hon`ble Justice Siddharth Mridul approved the conclusion of Section 49 of the Registration Act of the Learned Single Judge, in which the unregord sales agreement could be obtained in evidence by Vinod Kumar-Anr. against Ajit Singh.

There are a large number of projects in progress in which the developer may have asked the buyer for more than 10% of the cost of the property under the ATS and may have been donated by him, which were (in the absence of requirement) and are still not registered. Another principle may be added to the above principles, namely that a document to be registered, if not registered, may be admitted as proof of a contract in a legal action for a given benefit. … Respondent`s property – Application for registered sales certificate of 16.3.20126. On the contrary, the petitioner`s claim – defendant No. 1 is based on the sale agreement of 24.1.201…the unregant agreement for sale is already pending against Smt. Vidya Devi Tiwari, but there is nothing… Bharat Bhushan Parsoon, J.:- The sale agreement of 24.01.2011 [Annex P/3], filed at CM 567-CII 2015, is recorded in the minutes.

Application support eliminated. The most important… 3. In brief facts of the case are that the notator is an individual who had sold a promotion file for the apartment of 26 and 27/12/2011. As part of a sale agreement executed on 16.09.2011 and taking into account rule 30 lakes, Rs. 1 lake, the auditor received the money from the expert in the form of advance/serious money when the purchase agreement was reached and the auditor acquired a new dwelling on 04.10.2010.


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