What Is An Australian Workplace Agreement

When an employer intends to have a labour agreement approved, it must take all reasonable steps to give a copy of the agreement to all eligible workers or grant them access to the agreement at least 7 days before the agreement is approved (s337(1)). In addition, the employer must take all appropriate measures to provide a statement of information to eligible workers at least 7 days before the contract is approved (s337 (2)). The information instruction is attached. 2.2 The Committee examines the practical effects of AEAs on workers` wages and conditions. It examines independent scientific research and the findings of trade unions that challenge the government`s assertion that AEAs offer workers “freedom” and “choice” to negotiate higher wages and more flexible terms of employment than under a collective agreement. This investigation leaves the Committee in no doubt that the data published by the Department of Employment and Labour Relations (DEWR) and the Office of the Employment Office (OAS) are misleading, unreliable and, in some cases, erroneous. The Committee does not question figures published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (WTO) on the level of wages in different types of employment contracts. UNWTO data is an indispensable source of information for researchers on industrial relations and the labour market. Instead, the Committee questions the methods used by the department and the OAS to assess and interpret the UNWTO figures, as well as the political spin accompanying their published results.

[31] 2.64 Although the Committee did not have the benefit of reviewing the details of the proposals contained in the 2005 Labour Relations Amendment Bill (WorkChoices) before submitting its report, a number of expert opinions and comments expressed concern about the proposals announced by the Prime Minister. The Committee notes that three proposals in the government`s electoral policy will radically change the agreement between employers and workers: the abolition of the test without discrimination and the replacement with a fair wage and conditions; the entry into force of collective agreements and collective agreements from the date they are submitted to the OAS; and allow workers to negotiate a number of bonus terms when new employment contracts are “negotiated,” including penalties, overtime, allowances, holidays, food breaks, annual leave, incentive payments and bonuses.


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