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18.131. Recognized education programs/Stan-darts. (a) The Board of Directors recognizes training programs for medical assistants accredited by the American Medical Association`s CAHEA, CAAHEP, ARC-PA or any successor organization. Information on accredited programs is available directly from ARC-PA on its website: www.arc-pa.org a) written agreement (63 s. 422.13 (e) of the law ( The agreement must: (1) identify and sign them by the medical assistant and each doctor will be assisted by the physician`s assistant who works as a supervisor. At least one doctor must be a doctor. (2) Describe how the medical assistant will assist each designated physician. The description should list the duties to be delegated to the medical assistant. (3) Describe the time, place and type of monitoring and direction that each designated physician makes available to the medical assistant, including the frequency of personal contact with the medical assistant. (4) Designates one of these doctors, who must be a doctor, as a primary supervisory physician.

(5) Request that the physician who needs supervision object to the medical record completed by the medical assistant within a reasonable time. This period must not exceed 10 days. (6) Identify the places and practice parameters in which the medical assistant will work. (6) The performance of medical assistant duties, while the ability to do so is affected by alcohol, drugs, physical disability or mental instability. (c) The Chamber reserves the right to verify the use of the medical assistant without notice, either with the medical assistant or with the supervisory physician. This is a violation of this sub-chapter when a supervisory physician or medical assistant refuses to respond to the House`s request for information in subsection a). c) The non-reduction of changes in employment or dismissal in the doctor-physician-assistance relationship is a basis for disciplinary action against the admission of the doctor, the supervision of the medical registration and the license of the medical assistant. A PaPa is required to notify the Board of Directors in writing, within 15 days, of any changes or terminations of the employment relationship or a change of postal address. This includes any changes to the doctor`s supervision (s). In addition, a doctor requesting supervision is required to inform the board within 15 days of any modification or termination of its supervision through a medical assistant.


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