SOM through the soil profile in a climate-stressed environment

Associate Professor Brian Wilson1

1University of New England, Australia


Associate Professor Brian Wilson completed his PhD in Soil Science at the University of Reading in the UK. He held positions as an academic in the UK and, following a move to Australia in 1999, has worked as a Research Scientist with New South Wales (NSW) State Government and more recently as an academic at University of New England (UNE). His research has focused principally on soil organic matter quantity, distribution and dynamics across a range of land-uses, especially native vegetation systems, in Europe, Australia and the sub-Antarctic, utilising a variety of elemental, stable- and radio-isotope techniques. He leads the Terrestrial Carbon Research Group at UNE which has examined a range of processes and mechanisms of soil organic matter storage and movement in the soil profile in response to land use and management pressures in the climate-stressed, NSW environment. Current work within the group focuses on the addition and stabilisation of carbon through the whole soil profile from plant/root contributions and dissolved organic carbon combined with soil organic matter cycling and change in Australian alpine and island environments. A/Prof Wilson continues a close research collaboration with the NSW State Government focusing on key Statewide research and policy needs relating to soils and the development of strategic research initiatives.


7th International Symposium
Soil Organic Matter

6 – 11 October 2019

Hilton Adelaide

Adelaide, South Australia


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