Participating Universities Program

The Participating Universities Program at SOM2019 is designed to support Student Participation at the Symposium through a series of Student Ambassadors that are supported by sponsorship from Australian Universities and Affiliates. The aim of the Program is to develop a network of well-connected, confident and early career researchers from across the globe to develop ‘new leaders’ in the field of SOM research for the future. The Program will allow for wide engagement of students at the meeting and for talented students to promote their research and skills through exposure to the International SOM community and to develop important global contacts. The support of the Participating Universities and involvement of the Student Ambassadors in the Symposium is welcomed and SOM2019 looks forward to engaging with students from across the globe.


Manjula Premaratne

Supported by Soil West

Manjula is a PhD student in the UWA School of Agriculture and Environment at the University of Western Australia. Manjula’s work funded in partnership with GRDC focusses on “quantifying nitrogen (N) pathways in soil and N uptake efficiency” in Western Australian cropping systems. Carbon: N ratio of organic matter (OM) often indicates how readily residues decompose, providing an indication of the amount, timing and rate of N release. Thus, this study investigates the influences of OM in different farming systems and at different depths on soil N release. Manjula received a MSc (First class honours) from Lincoln University, New Zealand. In addition to his BSc, he also has two graduate diplomas in Soil Science and Laboratory Technology.

SoilsWest is an independent entity focused on developing pathways for the discovery, development and application of soil research to improve both profitability and soil resource management across the Western Australian grains industry.

A partnership between the University of Western Australia (UWA) and Department of Primary Industries Western Australia (DPIRD) has extended to include highly skilled, independent soil science professionals from Murdoch University and CSIRO in WA.

SoilsWest works to develop and deliver strategic research projects supporting the WA and national grains industry through innovative soil research, providing complementary scientific and research capabilities, research and industry networks, education, infrastructure and technology.


7th International Symposium
Soil Organic Matter

6 – 11 October 2019

Hilton Adelaide

Adelaide, South Australia


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